Ride On (2023) Movie In Hindi Dubbed | Jackie Chan, Haocun Liu, Kevin Guo, Wu Jing

The once beautiful, now down-and-out Dragon Tiger martial artist Lao Luo lives with his beloved horse, Red Rabbit. Due to a debt dispute involving Red Rabbit, he is faced with the crisis of "father-son separation". In desperation, Lao Luo asks his daughter Bao and her boyfriend Naihua, who have misunderstood him for years, for help. On the road of self-help of three people and one horse, they make a lot of jokes and gradually get closer to each other.

Initial release: 04/07/2023 (GB)
Language: Hindi ( HQ ) + Chinese
Cast: Jackie Chan, Haocun Liu, Kevin Guo, Wu Jing, etc...

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